Greetings Beautiful Soul ,

This Celestial Sanctuary, this space that I have created serves to offer a variety of healing services, Energy healing, Light language, and others. I love to work with different energy healing modalities. I am an Energy healer, Star Priestess, and other than that, am a Lightarian (TM) Facilitator, Usui Reiki, Kundalini Master, Dragon Light healer, DNA Light Integrative Practitioner, and so on. Other than which, I love to work with different energy healing modalities, as I have been delving into exploring more of my own unique Spiritual gifts and talents. Occasionally, I indulge in other Creative ways of expressing myself of the Divine Being through ways of Art, Music, Dance, through Words, Concoting Celestial ‘Potions’ and so on.


Another place that I do offer my work to others is on Etsy, where I mainly offer Energy attunements that my team of spiritual guides of light have guided me to maintain a space at there at the moment. 

Other than that, I love working with the Nature, Gaia, flowers, crystal, rock beings, and other elemental beings, including star beings too, and more. I do hope that providing this Celestial sanctuary will serve to bring though, and anchor these Divine light energy frequencies from the Divine and higher realms of Light, and along with other ‘projects’ coming forth working in a divinely co-creative manner with the elemental beings, and other beings of Light when I am guided. They are just as excited, as I am.


Beloved Celestial Dove igniting the Sacred Rose within us All, embodying the Christed Light that is within our Beloved Heart.


I do offer other Celestial offerings such as the ones below, feel give a look to see whether if these are for you

Energy Attunements/Upgrades

I am offering a couple of energy attunements/upgrades at the moment for all to access. These few have been selected to be offered to all who are drawn to this, and I hope this will greatly serve your journey.

The variety of these energy attunements/upgrades will change accordingly as the energies at the moment flow always in a beautiful dance in a Spiral sacred pathway, and so the offerings will be offered as needed in aligned to the energies. Nevertheless, you can still request for a previous Energy Attunement I may have offered once before for you, if you would like that. I am more than willing to work with you, with regards to this, just send me a message through the “Contact” tab, and we can speak more about this.

The range of offerings will change periodically. The link to the Etsy shop page is here

If you have any questions about this, feel free to send me a message, and I will do my best to reply your questions.


Love and Blessings always to All, Dear Beloved Souls